About Elementryx

Specializing in cloud-based corporate intranets for small and medium sized businesses, we configure and integrate the cloud services your business needs to thrive.

  • Curate a cost-effective suite of cloud services that provide employees with everything they need to meet your business objectives

  • Control and audit who in your company has access to which cloud services

  • Easily on-board and off-board new employees, effortlessly grant and revoke access to internal systems as needed

  • Provide a unified portal where users can access all the applications and systems they need for their job with secure single sign-on to internal software systems

  • Track employee app usage, manage software licenses subscriptions, cut costs on unused resources

We handle all configuration and integration for (often difficult to configure) cloud-based services and offer managed IT help desk as a service for small teams.

Please reach out for a demo or to chat! Email us at info@elementryx.com.